We do digital product development

Our goal is to support companies in being successful by developing relevant digital products.

It is all about making something people want

Our goal is to support companies in being successful by developing relevant digital products. Relevance is the essence of a digital product, it is the main reason why people use and buy it. Whether they are aware or unaware about it, the product always fulfils a basic need or desire.

To make your brand digitally relevant we build a team of crazy, dedicated creatives, developers, growth hacking strategists, ux and design wizards, scrummers, copywriters and project managers who all love their job.


Our Skills

By combining our clients’ market expertise with our creative thinking, cutting edge development and the latest technology insights we make digital products relevant.

  • App & Web Development

    We develop with a humancentered, user driven approach by combining the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.

  • Growth hacking strategies

    Growth hacking is about identifying the most effective, efficient way to grow your business. It’s about becoming product market fit by delivering a minimum viable product as quickly as possible.

  • Digital roadmapping

    We do digital roadmapping growth hacking style. This means that we accept the fact that it’s all a big ball game. Therefore we love to validate assumptions and pivot our roadmaps based on the feedback collected.

  • Design

    Digital product development is basically about design. It’s the thin layer that connects complexity to people. Creating better experiences by great design will improve your chances of success.

  • Validated learning

    We strive for optimisation. Therefore we validate what we assume by collecting all possible data of the digital products we develop.

  • Hosting & monitoring

    Our people, tools and scripts make sure your application runs on the most secure and efficient hosting solutions available. Monitored 24/7.

We love working on complex apps


We build our apps in a way that ensures they remain lightning fast while under heavy load.


Allow your users to talk to each other with our very user-friendly messaging module.

Location & GPS

More and more apps use the GPS tracker in phones to give the user a localized experience.



Reloading pages is a thing of the past. We make sure any change in data is instantly reflected on the screens of all users.

In-App Payments

Our integrated payment module gives your users a very easy and convenient way to pay.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are an important tool to make sure people continually come back to your app.

We are a start up with decades of experience

We just started. This year to be precise. Founded by the five of us: Chris Blokland, Daan Schermerhorn, Floris Beets, Barth van Doorn, Ramon Freriks. Just click a name to see our personal Linkedin profiles.

We always compose the best team for your job

To make your brand digitally relevant it is all about adding the right expertise at the right time. We've created an in-house team and a network of specialists who support us in getting your job done.


We do everything to minimize the margin of error

To make your business a success it is extremely important that what can be covered, is covered upfront and not when it is too late.

We validate what we assume

To avoid wasting money, time and energy we use a wide range of analytical tools to make decisions based on data instead of assumptions.

We don't do technical debt

Developing a product with technical limitations due to shortcuts made in the past is a nightmare for you as a business owner. And it’s even worse if your tech partner didn’t inform you about it.

We do automated UI, Integration and Unit testing

The most challenging part of digital product development: 100% bug free testing. It takes time, effort and a huge amount of concentration. Over and over again. To eliminate the chance of bugs making it to the other side, we automated our entire testing workflow.


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